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The Best Luxury Handbags to Buy in 2022



The Best Luxury Handbags to Buy in 2022

There’s just something about luxury handbags. They’re classy and timeless. No matter what you wear, you look put together and chic carrying a luxury bag. This year’s bags are no exception with showstopping styles!

Get ready for people to stop you on the street and ask you where you got your luxury bag. The best bags are eye-catching without being over-the-top. With so many choices, how do you choose the best bags?

Whether you have a collection of luxury bags or are starting your obsession, this guide is for you. Get ready to take your style to a whole new level!


A Gucci handbag takes you from workday to date night with timeless styles. This year’s most loved Gucci bag is “The Jackie” with a chic design and nod to the past.

The original design earned it’s name after Jackie O used it protect herself from paparazzi shots. The handbag features a slight slouch, making it the perfect understated luxury bag.

Crafted with natural, untreated leather, “The Jackie” gets more lived in as the years go by. It carries all the essentials and features a crossbody strap for a hands free style.

If you are on the hunt for your perfect, classic handbag, check out these Gucci bags at a fraction of the cost!

Louis Vuitton

LV is one of the most recognizable luxury brands. Their classic monogram styles stand out from other luxury brands. Styles like the Speedy and Neverfull continue to be two of their best selling luxury goods.

The new Coussin MM features an eye-catching puffy lambskin design.


If you’ve ever skimmed your hand across the buttery soft leather of a Chanel bag, you know why they made our list. The lambskin quilting and delicate hardware are a dreamy creation.

The Chanel 22 bag is a new spin on their classic styling. The oversized leather purse comes in three sizes and a variety of bright colors like pink and purple.

The bag holds everything you need plus a little more. It’s one of the more casual bags in Chanel’s design history, appealing to a new generation of Chanel lovers.


Coach may not be the first brand that comes to mind when you think of luxury bags. Coach continues to earn a spot in the luxury handbag world. Their versatility of styles and price points are appealing.

Coach monogrammed bags may not hold the same price tag and appeal as a LV, but their leather goods are stunning.

The small but mighty pillow Tabby 26 baguette holds a luxury look with a moderate price tag. The leather handbag is an updated design from the 70s. Brass hardware and genuine leather mixes classic with contemporary.

Choosing Luxury Handbags

Investing in luxury handbags elevates your style. Take your lifestyle into account when choosing a luxury bag. If you are a minimalist choose a simple style you know you will carry through each season.

If you gravitate towards trends, stick with a tried and true brand like one of the ones in our guide. These brands release new and trendsetting handbags each season without sacrificing classic elegance.

Above all, choose a bag that speaks to you and your style. Buying a luxury handbag should be a carefree and unique experience! Make it your own!

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Clothing Line: An Overview




Clothing Line: An Overview

Clothing lines are collections of clothing items that are designed, manufactured, and marketed under a specific brand. These lines can range from basic T-shirts and jeans to more high-end fashion items such as dresses and suits. In recent years, the fashion industry has seen a surge in the number of clothing lines, as more and more entrepreneurs look to start their own businesses and create unique styles.

The first step in starting a clothing line is to come up with a concept. This could be something as simple as a specific color scheme or a particular type of material, or it could be a more complex idea that incorporates a particular theme or lifestyle. The next step is to design the clothing items, either by hiring a professional designer or by doing it yourself. This is an important step, as the design of the clothing will set the tone for the entire line.

Once the designs are complete, the next step is to find a manufacturer. This can be done by searching online, attending trade shows, or working with a clothing production company. It’s important to choose a manufacturer that has experience in the type of clothing you are producing and that you can trust to produce quality products.

Once the clothing is manufactured, it’s time to start marketing and selling the line. This can be done through a variety of channels, including online stores, brick-and-mortar stores, fashion shows, and social media. It’s important to have a strong marketing strategy in place, as this will help to build your brand and increase sales.

Another important aspect of starting a clothing line is to have a solid business plan. This should include an understanding of your target market, a marketing strategy, and a financial plan. It’s also important to have a good understanding of the costs involved in starting and running a clothing line, as well as an understanding of the competition in the market.

In conclusion, starting a clothing line is a big step, but with careful planning and hard work, it can be a rewarding and lucrative business. Whether you’re looking to create a simple T-shirt line or a high-end fashion line, the key to success is having a clear concept, a great design, and a solid business plan. With these in place, you’ll be well on your way to creating a successful and profitable clothing line.

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Aromajoin brings videos to life by squirting your face with smells




Aromajoin brings videos to life by squirting your face with smells

There are a lot of YouTube videos out there that we’d rather not smell, but Kyoto-based tech startup Aromajoin today showed off the option to add a multidimensional experience to the mix. Using its ‘Aroma Shooter’ technology and a programmable ‘AromaPlayer,’ a neck-wearable smell dispenser can add six different aromas to your video-watching shenanigans. We tried it out at CES in Las Vegas today.

The AromaPlayer tool is easy to use, and can combine the company’s tools with any video from YouTube or videos from your own library. The color-coded interface makes it possible to add scents, timed perfectly with the video playing in front of you. The smell, timing, and duration can be programmed, and you can mix and match smells to trigger at the same time. The scents themselves come in tiny replaceable cartridges. The smells available are remarkably recognizable. Fresh grapefruit, a crackling campfire smoke, freshly baked bread, burning rubber – and when synced with video, the smells help the visuals come to life.

This is the exact moment that your correspondent got blasted with grapefruit scent. Image Credit: Haje Kamps / TechCrunch

The tech was initially used in high-end digital signage applications, with a dispenser that can jet smells your way from up to 6 feet away, but the company today showed off tools for anyone to create their own content and aromatic experiences – a demo is available at The neck-worn device is far more targeted than its commercially focused product and cannot be perceived beyond a foot or so away from the viewer.

“Our technology gives a controllable smell, and with Aromashooter, you can choose the direction of the aromas. They can be timed to 0.1 second accuracy, and you sync them with music or videos,” says Dong Wook Kim, CEO at Aromajoin in an interview with TechCrunch at CES, adding that the company has more than 25 patents on the technology.


To emit a scent, the device first takes in ambient air, which then passes through the cartridge to add the scent to the air. The nozzles are aimed directly at the user’s nose, delivering the smell. The device can connect to smartphones, computers, or VR headsets using Bluetooth.

During normal use, the battery life of the device is around two days. The device will be released ‘soon,’ the company says, although exact pricing and availability are not yet set.

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10 Bad Fashion Trends We’re Never Going to Miss




10 Bad Fashion Trends We’re Never Going to Miss

The U.S. fashion industry is currently worth nearly 370 billion dollars. It needs to support whatever clothing trends are popular at any given moment, after all.

But, not all fashion trends work out, and some are simply the worst. Read on to find out about the worst bad fashion trends in history.

1. Low-Rise Jeans

The early 2000s were chock full of the worst fashion trends, and low-rise jeans were no exception. These jeans only look good on people with the flattest of stomachs, which also makes it one of the most unhealthy fashion trends. Plus, it’s almost impossible to pair these jeans with a shirt and have everything look symmetrical.

And, you’re always risking exposing yourself when you wear these jeans. You’ll constantly be worried about what shows every time you bend over.

2. Layered Polo Shirt

A certain era of frat guy committed to the popped collar so much that they would layer their polo shirts in order to pop multiple collars at once. They might have thought this looked cool at the time, but in retrospect, it’s just a way to have to do laundry more quickly.

3. Hankerchief Shirts

These shirts can look okay on a particular person, but the backless version of these shirts means it’s almost impossible to wear a bra with them. That’s a problem for people who have larger chests and struggle with back pain.

To pair with your more fashion-friendly shirt, look into the best bra for back pain.

4. Leggings and Skirts

There are lots of fashionable ways to wear skirts without showing more of your legs than you’re comfortable with, but layering your skirts with brightly colored leggings in random lengths isn’t one of them. Various patterns aren’t a great look either.

Instead, why not go with socks or stockings under your skirts? If you must wear leggings, stick with ones in a solid color that go all the way to your feet. That way, they won’t clash, and they won’t cut your legs off in a way that makes you look shorter.

Many people back in the day also paired this look with ugg boots; another fashion don’t.

5. Legwarmers

Unless you’re a dancer, there are no good reasons to wear legwarmers. They’re one of the top weird trends in fashion to ever make it big.

Many people paired these with other athleisure accessories, too, like sweatbands or unitards. There are lots of ways to make athleisure work as streetwear, but legwarmers just aren’t one of them.

Socks, leggings, or pants are a much more fashionable way to keep your legs nice and warm during cold weather.

Avoid These Bad Fashion Trends

Now that you know these worst bad fashion trends, you’ll be able to avoid falling into the same traps.

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