Gary Glitter Wife: Who Is Gary Glitter’s Partner Yudenia Sosa Martínez?



Yudenia Sosa Martinez was Gary Glitter’s partner In February 2001, he had another son, Gary Jr who was born in 1973, with whom he was living in Cuba.

There isn’t much information about Yudenia Sosa Martinez as there is no information about her personal and early life. She is a private person and has managed to keep herself from the media.

Garry Glitter Imprisonment

The BBC describes Glitter’s fall from grace as dramatic and specular. The last 1990s saw his image become irreparably tarnished, following his 1997 arrest and 1999 conviction and imprisonment in the United Kingdom for downloading thousands of items of child pornography.

Glitter was expected to die in jail due to the length of his sentence or be released in 2031. But in October 2021 there were reports that he could be put on day release and work in the community, and would be eligible for full release by February 2023.

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