Dee Hsu’s husband does not react when she walks around the house naked

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Taipei — Taiwanese star Dee Hsu, 42 is known for being a straight talker but what she just revealed about her relationship with her husband is even more unreserved than usual. She said that when she walks around the house naked, her husband completely ignores her.

Hsu said that even though she does not have an hourglass figure, she thinks her body is quite nice.  She felt a little hurt because according to her, all women want to be appreciated by men.

Hsu was a guest on the latest episode of Sisy Chen’s talk show Ask Sisy, where she was asked to lie down on the bar table during the interview. Hsu was surprised at the request at first but shortly after, she quickly agreed and she shared that she’s had experience climbing on to her dining table to dance because she wanted to liven up the mood when her friends dropped by for parties.

Midway through the interview, Sisy suddenly mentioned that Hsu had a very nice chest, according to a report by on Jan 29. Hsu responded to the compliment saying that she knows and said that she had a question that was bugging her. Usually, after she showers, she will look at herself in the mirror. She added that she thought her chest and butt are quite perky since she has been working out a lot.

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Dee Hsu works out a lot to maintain a good figure. Picture: Instagram

Sisy then asked Hsu how her husband’s body is like. “He’s been working out for three years so his top half is perfect. But he doesn’t work on his legs, so his legs are very slender. They’re almost thinner than mine!”

After taking a sip of alcohol, Hsu continued, “I’m very satisfied with his [sexual] performance but we’ve been doing it less often recently. It might be because we’ve been married for so long, so he thinks of me as family and dotes on me. I hope that there’ll be a man who will appreciate me as a woman. It’s not that I want to have an affair, but it would feel great having just one person anywhere in the world who thinks of me as sexy.” /TISG

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