FF7 Remake 2 Story Will Continue To Go Beyond Player Expectations

The developers of the unnamed Final Fantasy 7 Remake sequel are heavily implying that the game will continue to rewrite the story.

The developers of the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 have said that the game will go beyond player expectations, so fans shouldn’t expect a straight remake of the sections outside of Midgar. Final Fantasy 7 Remake‘s ending drastically changed the course of the original story, and it appears that things will be continue to be different going forward.

Instead of fleeing Midgar and promising to hunt Sephiroth, like in the original Final Fantasy VIIthe cast of Final Fantasy VII Remake battle the literal manifestations of fate. Once they have broken free from that fate, they fight Sephiroth, giving Aerith her first chance to tackle the one who killed her in the original timeline. The timeline is then altered, suggesting (but not confirming) that Jessie and Zack are still alive. The ending isn’t exactly clear regarding its meaning, and we’ll have to wait a few years before learning more about this new timeline.

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The unnamed sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently in development, but fans have yet to learn any concrete information about its content. Final Fantasy VII Remake Producer Yoshinori Kitase and Co-Director Naoki Hamaguchi appeared during the CEDEC + KYUSHU 2020 Online show, and they discussed the upcoming sequel at surprising length while keeping specific details under wraps. Their comments have been translated into English by aitaikimochi on Twitter. According to Kitase, the Final Fantasy VII Remake sequel will go beyond player expectations. The developers say they want to make a game that lives up to original fans’ expectations, yet still managing to subvert those expectations and surprise players.

Final Fantasy VII Remake heavily expanded on the Midgar section of the original game, including bringing in characters from the novels for cameo roles. The full scope of the changes didn’t become clear until the controversial ending, leading to speculation that the follow-up game will now go in an even more drastically different direction. In the original, Cloud’s party travels to the town of Kalm after leaving Midgar; now that the characters are free from the original timeline, though, they can theoretically go off and do whatever Square Enix wants.

In a way, it’s never been a more exciting time to be a Final Fantasy VII fan. There are many players who complained about the alterations to the storyline and how unclear the ending, unsure of to what extent the plot had been changed. However, this just means that they have a couple more years to ponder these alterations and speculate about what will happen next while they wait. It’s possible the game could feature new playable characters and even confirm some long-standing fan theories about the original game, and Aerith could survive this time around with the Whisper Harbinger defeated. Players likely won’t know for a while to come, but if Square Enix proved anything with it’s recent revisit of the classic JRPG, it’s that it’s capable of surprising players in Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2.

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