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Beginning with “Coronasweeper” this week, I’m on a tear of bringing you the finest-quality reskinnings of Minesweeper obtainable on the intertubes. I’m dropping sleep over this, folks.

Now: Behold “Hexceed”, a version of Minesweeper, except with hexagons.

As Graham Smith describes it at Rock Paper Shotgun:

Every puzzle begins with a board of clean hexagons, with one pre-marked safe-to-click title. You mark tiles as protected by left-clicking them, which can reveal a quantity. As in Minesweeper, the quantity signifies the variety of adjoining tiles which can be “harmful”. You mark a harmful tile by right-clicking. A puzzle is solved when all tiles have been appropriately recognized. [snip]

I’ve by no means been caught for lengthy, however the puzzles do introduce twists and problems. Tiles could be divided by partitions which stop a numbered tile from reflecting the hazard that may be on the opposite facet. Some tiles present the whole variety of harmful tiles inside a marked area, or in a complete row. You study to piece this data collectively fairly shortly, too.

Regardless of the puzzles being comparatively simple to finish to date, they nonetheless take a while, and there are many them. I have been enjoying for 3 hours and I am nearly performed with the tutorial island, which incorporates 46 ranges. There are 360 extra ranges to play totally free after that.

I am most likely not going to play it, since I’ve been, and at all times might be, horrible at Minesweeper and all of its variants; I believe I am lacking a gland or one thing that that you must clear up its logicks. But when anybody here’s a fan of this style, it appears fairly cool.

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